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About Us

Your Most Trusted Partner in Your Career and Business Journey 

Our Vision

Our vision and objective is to:


Organize high-quality content-based events that provide specialized communities with:

  • Intense learning

  • Innovative knowledge

  • Practical and actionable solutions

  • Quality networking with high-level executives from renowned brands  and solution providers

Our Services

  • Creation of independent and holistic platforms that enable global and regional leaders, inspired and dedicated to the digital transformation of their companies, to connect and share knowledge through:

  • High-level content based on actionable, practical case studies

  • Open and honest exchange of practical experiences of successes and failures

  • Unrivalled networking

Our Partners

EBM B2B events provide:


  • Intense learning and networking experiences

  • Exclusive meetings for senior decision makers

  • Provocative ideas

  • Practical solutions

  • Quality time with high-level contacts

Participants' Profile

CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, COOs, CISOs, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Transformation Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Data Officers, Managing Directors, VPs, Heads, Directors, Senior Managers of:


Strategy; Technology; Digital; Innovation; Transformation; Digital; Operations; Distribution; Customer; Data / Analytics; Security and Risk.


Executive press virtual Screen-"CASE STU


Cases studies of practical application and implementation of innovative business strategies and models, solutions and technologies

Valuable insights to ignite ideas, to spark "the"missing link 

A platform where you can share with your regional and global colleagues experiences and best practices...especially in an environment of confinement but also thereafter

Group Of Businesspeople Having Informal


A  get together of a wide group of senior professionals under one single roof in only 2/3 days - that often lead an isolated, "solitary"professional life as they cannot afford to admit particular problem-solving limitations to upper management nor to their team

Thus, we gather an array of at par seniority professionals to discuss much  the same challenges - that prior to our events they felt only they had

EBM-Executive Business Meetings is a B2B global conference organizer with a focus on Latin America and Europe, and soon North America.

We put our hearts and souls into creating exceptional events.  We are not just another conference company, we really want to:​


Help you be the best that you can be at what you do

We truly believe and strive to provide for that spark that can change professionals' lives, your life.

Our past attendees have told us countless times how their experience at our events were both liberating and empowering! 


Our events are now all virtual, but soon we will be come to a venue near you. Can't come? Not a problem.  

Our events will never be the same again, they will be hybrid - onsite and virtual - enabling you to access outstanding content, key learnings and what's going on in your industry... no matter where you are. We simply do not want you to miss out!

Are you ready to get empowered and be the best that you can be? 

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